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Nintendo Switch Sports playtest


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The new version of Wii sports playtested this weekend and Mandy and I snuck away from game night to play in one of the 45min time slots. I took a few screenshots, figured I'd share a lil gallery but didn't read the terms and conditions sooooo guess I'm not supposed to share them or talk about it. Sheesh.

Link redacted

Really glad we got to play bowling, and twice at that. Pretty fun overall, but it's not deviating from what brought success to Wii sports. Bowling supported 14 players online which was cool.

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9 hours ago, DarkTone said:

Cool. I heard that sharing anything of the playtest, screen shot, verbal description, video, etc, was banned 😂

Woah I didn't know there were terms like that, well crap. What the heck, they don't want people talking about Wii sports?


Its a private gallery, but ultimately I guess.. mods is this ok to post? I'll take it down if naw

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