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Hi All : )

Just wanted to share some of my work. I've been working on some custom stands for my NES collection and I just finished up the some stands for the controllers. I'm really proud of them as they solve the problem of where to put the pesky cord. There's a nice little compartment box on the back with a slide in style lid.

My overall goals with this we're to create something elegant and unique. I hope you like it. If you want to see more of my work, please check out www.pinandcartridge.com : )







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On 2/5/2022 at 11:28 AM, RegularGuyGamer said:

Wow those came out great. Do you plan on sharing the 3d printer files?


Nvm I see you're selling these. Nice advertising. 

Not at the moment but maybe down the road if I ever get tired of doing 3d printing. 

Thank you so much for the compliment!

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On 2/5/2022 at 2:35 PM, MrWunderful said:

@pinandcartridge you do other things?  Im looking for 2 things 3d printed. 

A controller holder for (4) 8 bit do controllers

A gameboy/gba game holder/display. 

Shoot me a dm with a price if so, or if you want examples. 

Hi MrWunderful,

My apologies for the late reply. Sure I would love to help you. Would you mind sharing examples? If so, let me know and i'll dm you so we can work things out.

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