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Ugly uppity update - June 27, 2023



Here is the password screen now.


The password screen has its own song. Since I figured if I couldn't subtract one letter (which I spent one day on and failed miserably at), I thought the next best thing would be an option to restart inputting the password. And, also, I put in an option so that if you selected PASSWORD on the title screen by accident, you could still start the game on level 1.

Each level has its own password, a string of 8 a or b presses. Each level's password is displayed like so:


Fortunately I had enough room to display them, on the final line of text I could use. So for level 2 on the password screen, you would press a, b, a, b, a, b, a, and b. This is the easiest form of password I could implement. Having a bunch of letters and then doing that felt like way too much work, so I did it this way. So there's about a 20% chance you could enter a valid password if you were just pressing buttons randomly.

I spent about 45 minutes playing my Lynx. Since I got it, I now have all three: Game Boy, Game Gear, and Lynx. I need to get some more games for my Lynx. I played Pinball Jam and Lynx Casino. The Video Poker game is hard because even one pair of aces=losing. I wonder what would happen if your cash got to 0. Actually, I wonder that for all the casino games.


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