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Title Fight Investigations




I'm kuriatsu and this is my immensely creative blog of phenomenal cosmic power, with itty bitty living space.

About 5 months ago, I found a playstation 3 on ebay that said "it only plays spiderman demo" so I picked it up because There are no spiderman PS3 demos. Let alone in the ps3 slim DECH-2500 production cycle.

So I received in the mail after a housemate plopped it in my lap and said "package for you" 

so I figured it'd be the PS3, I booted it up and I found that it works just fine and did not have spiderman on it.

Instead it had something mythical, that I knew existed at one time, but had so little information about that it was barely worth knowing about. Little did I know that I would become more knowledgeable about title fight than many out there because of my unique experiences with this build.

That is....Title Fight. The Playstation All Stars development Title.

At first, I figured, "oh its probably the last one before the playstation title fight name was changed, to playstation all stars, and won't have many changes, if any, so its the same as a preview disc. I backed up the entirety of the drive, and then I powered on the ps3 yet again.

I booted up Title Fight, and to quote beta64, its...beautiful, and it has a Mountain of changes. but at first, I figured, it'd be 20 minutes of a video, like I did with ape escape. Then, after a bit of exploring of the debug menu, I was like "oh...........................................ca.....rap............" so I found that it'd be 20 minutes on the debug menu alone, because it has 350+ Debug options. So, I continued exploring and realized "....oh.....ok...this is going to be an hour long........."

So then I explored more and started writing a script for an hour, and then it expanded into 1 segment that was 2 hours long and....I kept adding to it, adjusting dialogue and so on and eventually that 2 hour video turned into 8 segments. So I said "ok, I'm satisfied with 8 segments." Little did I know that was just the start.

I managed to get in touch with some developers from superbot and gave me information that I never would have found out otherwise, like that there was no lair stage planned, ever, then I got in touch with beta64, who wanted to make his own segment and boosted my video series as a result.

After the 8 segments were written, and I started recording, I had an idea "wouldn't it be cool to document the music too?"(segment 9) and "its probably just a few minutes anyway" so I got into the music sections, and I found...............oooooh kay, this is another hour of content, this makes it at 3 hours. 

Eventually it went to 2 hours and 45 minutes because I worked some things out to make things smaller, and eventually, it sat at the end point of 5 hours and 6 minutes or so.

I published segments 1 and 2 just a while ago, I'd guess maybe 2 weeks ago, and I found that it was very well liked, and I am thankful for everyone who watches it.

I worked really really really really really really REALLY hard on the Title Fight Investigations series, and I tried to give the game justice. If anyone has any questions, please let me know 🙂

I've included a link to the playlist containing all the segments that are available and links to ones that are in premiere.

I hope they are enjoyed 🙂

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