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next project?



Having (mostly) finished my title fight series, I'm interested in covering other games that I either A: previously have covered or B: that I have never covered before.

I'm pretty sure my next project is going to be the demikids games, but considering that I'm getting prototypes of ape escape ape quest, 2 different builds of ape escape saru saru big mission, and of ape escape racers, I'm torn.(not from jak 2)

neither saru saru big missions have debug...so I'm told, but I'm holding out hope(not from FFXIII), and I'm hoping that they will have debug in some way that was previously unseen but easily triggered.(in ape escape on the loose 0.16 debug is triggered by pressing select during a cinematic, or the somewhat more cryptic "up, up" during gameplay)

As for devil children, the first segment or two would be an in depth look at the series history, and devil children games on GBC as well as limited debug use from TCRF

I would be showing the development history of devil children fire and ice on GBA as best as I can, considering I have 1 alpha build of both fire and ice, and 2 builds of fire and 2 builds of ice as well as a demo of dark and a localization rom of demikids dark too.

I'm kinda torn between covering the two series, while I don't expect any input, input would be welcome.


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