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Stupidman: Act V



I think giant peas attacking the Stupidmobile would be funny, so I put that in the game.


I have an idea for the way Mr. Germ slowly dies. He'll start out by being 8 pixels tall. Each time you hit Mr. Germ, he'll shrink by a pixel. So eventually he'd be 1 pixel tall. That'd be really hard to hit though. But first I have to finish Act V, where giant walking peas are attacking the Stupidmobile. They walk towards the Stupidmobile so it would have to dodge hitting the giant peas. Since I rediscovered how to make music work in my game, I added a new song for Act V. I'll add another song for Act VI and another for the ending.

By the way, if you'd like to play for yourself this game I'm making, you can visit the official Stupidman website to track my progress with WIP ROMs. I'd like feedback for how I'm doing, so feel free to tell me how you like the game, or stuff you want me to change, or other stuff. I finally got the segway from the Act V words on the screen to beginning Act V seamlessly when you press A. It was giving me gray digits for some reason sometimes.


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