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b button presses



So with ants crawling all over me still, I work on Frank the Fruit Fly. I kinda forgot about the B button can be used to talk to characters. But I don't know if I should keep doing this, or mention it in a booklet in case this gets released. There's nothing to talk to in level 3, and only this big squid in level 4. But he didn't say anything. So I made him say something.


Just in case someone wants to talk to the squid. And also, in case you didn't notice, I made the health have a % sign after it. The health works kind of like the health in Doom. I worked on it a lot this morning after realizing I had broken it. If you start a new game, a totally white screen except sprites happened. So I had to devote a few hours to fixing this. I never did figure out why it happened, but I think I fixed it.


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