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Yesterday it was 116 degrees here. I could have sworn the Weather Channel had 117 on the screen for about an hour or so, but I guess it was a mirage?

Anyway It was hot Sunday too. About 112 or so. Both those are above the all-time record of 110. And yet I coded. I am making a new Atari 2600 game. I was influenced from a post on AtariAge. (Influenced is not the word I wanted, but it will work.) It was about one button games. Games that only use one button and no joystick. I thought "I could do that on the Atari 2600. It only has one button." So I have three games so far.

1.) Stac-King - It's basically Stacker but with a few changes.

2.) Bomber Pilot - a helicopter goes back and forth and goes lower and lower. There's boxes to shoot and if you don't clear them out, the helicopter will hit them and you'll die.

3.) Yum! - A giant mouth eats candy and avoids eating Brussels sprouts by opening and closing it.

I will start work on a fourth game soon. This one is about jumping over moving obstacles. I've managed to fit the three games in 4k, but this fourth game will push it to 8k. If I have room left, I might add music on the game select screens. You need to use the select switch to choose between games, and press fire to start the game. The name of the collection is "Press Fire."




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