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Forest burger.



I was pretty unhappy about my Atari 2600 game I had been making, so I decided to return to something that I was happy about: My NES game. I "drew" level 5 that is in the game now.


So this is a one-man production. I'm doing everything here. I have total control over it. The goal is to fit a 10-level burger shooting French fry game into 40 kb. I'm almost up to #B000 out of my alotted #FFFF. But the game is only about 50% completed. The nacho-shooting pizza is now in the game. He shoots nachos downwards. I even attempted to create a label just in case I actually finish the game and someone wants to release it. So this is the forest level. Next I need to compose and put in its theme music.

In case anyone is wondering, I've decided you need to shoot 50 enemies to advance to the next level. I put 20 in for testing purposes now, and will change it to 50 when I'm done. When i get to level 8, I am going to add a taco into the game. In case you're wondering why the trees look weird, I'm trying to reuse tiles since I have only less than half the allotted space for tiles remaining. I wonder if I can switch tile groups around so I can draw more complex backgrounds. But I don't want to overdo myself since this is the very first game I'm making for the NES.

If I were to complete this game, it would be really cool because I grew up playing the NES until I got the SNES on my birthday in 1991. And now I have even more respect for the people who made the games I played on it as a kid since it is really hard to do this even with all the tools other people made and the fact that I'm programming it in C.


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