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New score



So I got an Atari 2600 game I didn't have before. I bought Chase the Chuckwagon. But a huge shout out to AtariAge user SpiceWare, who changed the way the score looks in my nosehair game. It now looks like this:


I redesigned the number font and I think it looks good enough. I also worked a little more on it and got the scissors back to facing the "correct" way (the way I wanted them to and were before.) With all the changes though, I have about 2 bytes left. Which I guess is okay since before, I had 11. I'm just glad to fit it all in 2k. And all that's left to do now is find and fix bugs. I doubt I'll change it much more since it works, is 2k, I like it, and I have 2 bytes left. In case you were wondering, the score is made with player sprites: sprites 0 and 1. They are also being used for the scissors and nosehair demon. So, I can't, say, have the score next to the scissors.

Why did I change the score layout? I didn't think it looked very good being the playfield and being huge numbers. Plus, I wanted to see if I could. But I couldn't and so I had to ask for help with it. But the game looks good. I think colors that contrast are amusing. Like purple and green. Or blue and orange. That's why the score is green and the background is a flagrant purple.

Chase the Chuckwagon is a cute game, but a little frustrating at times if the enemy doesn't change its Y position very much when bouncing around the screen. Who knew you could create such a cute dog using an 8x8 sprite?


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