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Music returns.



Music has returned to Uncle Hairy's Nosehair. The colors don't change any more though (unless you flip the switch to b&w). I also made some more changes. For instance, if the demon gets the box, you lose 10 points. And I also made the nosehair's beginning growing speed slower. And then I had to get the scanline count a steady 262 so it doesn't jitter on real hardware. That is the hardest part of the projects I do in Atari 2600 assembly. The machine is what? 45 years old? It shouldn't be stupid hard to program for it. But if there was no Intellivision BASIC, or a way to make Game Boy and Virtual Boy games in C, then I would be spending a lot more time making Atari 2600 games.


I have 1 byte left. And I got a score of 747 while testing it one time. I forgot when, so it may be while I was working on it. But the score is really high for me. I guess it's because I slowed down the nosehair, so that means there is more time to go around collecting boxes without worrying about it until it dangles near the bottom of the screen. The screen looked totally different as I was experimenting with other stuff, but a couple of people chimed in while I was asking for help with opinions on their game, so I didn't do the thing I was working on and returned to the screen I had.



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