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Features bonanza



Put in a few features in my Virtual Boy game.


Yes, the dreaded auto-pausing feature makes an appearance in a homebrew game. I also put in the ipd/focus adjustment screen.

And to make sure the auto-pause paused after 15 minutes. I played it for 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes later, it worked. My message came up on the screen.


I also put in a battery low message. When the battery in the Virtual Boy gets low, a picture of a battery appears on screen next to the score. That was a pain to test because Mednafen had no feature to simulate a low battery. So I had to make it so when it pressed left the battery would appear. Once I did that, I changed the code with some help to make it display (hopefully) when the battery is low.

So now it has some features of an actual Virtual Boy game. Luckily I'm serious about finishing this. The screenshot above is level 4, the underwater stage. I put in some 3D depths to the sprites so they pop out over the background instead of just being visible. Lots of work on this these past few days.


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