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Games #250-201 are now up

Reed Rothchild


...along with a ton of changes to the UI.

...and I sorta overlooked a page that lets you easily skip around to different sections of the rankings.  I'll work on that tonight.

...and the dropdown menu is pretty annoying and covers up the other links.  I'll work on it tonight.

...and some of the links are dead because I had to cut them at the last second.  I'll work on those soon.

...and I sorta broke how it looks on mobile.  I'll work on that next.

...and there's still a million other errors and typos and other gaffes that I need to fix.  I should probably spend a lot of time just going through everything.


Anyway, it's all a work in progress, so if you think something sucks, let me hear about it.  If you liked how something used to look, let me hear about it.  If you find broken shit, let me hear about.  If you're brave enough to try and look at it on mobile... well, I can't help you there.  That needs so much work that it probably wont' be usable until the next major update.

New batch of games:
(Hit Ctrl-F5 after you get there, trust me)

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