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The End of My Sega Weekend



My Sega weekend began with my finding of the cartridge for Eliminate Down, which led to my buddy @OptOut telling me that I really should work harder on to finish up my full set of Sega Mega Drive carts, since I've got one of the more expensive ones out of the way.

I then ended up digging in that jungle of a game room I have, and waded through a lot of the other Sega stuff I have, including bootlegs of USA/ Europe exclusives made for the Taiwanense market, some Asian-version games, the stuff from Pageant Soft, etc.

While I'd actually like to sit down some day and play some more Sega, the problem is all my machines seem to be garbage. They might need recapped, I'm not sure, and for one, I can't even get any power at all.

That's when I remembered that I had this, and I hooked it up. It works like a champ, and will be my Sega gaming machine for the foreseeable future. Ironically enough, I remember having gone down the same route when I decided to use my Kid Ken Super Famicom clone as my gaming machine, since my actual SFC machines were also acting just as finicky.




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