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About this blog

As I continually go through the gaming items lying around my apartment, I am always opening up another cupboard or drawer, to find yet another batch of gaming items. Some of the items are common, many are quite obscure, possibly even to the point of not being documented.

So the purpose here is for me to show off and casually write about some of the interesting items I've found over the years.

Entries in this blog

The End of My Sega Weekend

My Sega weekend began with my finding of the cartridge for Eliminate Down, which led to my buddy @OptOut telling me that I really should work harder on to finish up my full set of Sega Mega Drive carts, since I've got one of the more expensive ones out of the way. I then ended up digging in that jungle of a game room I have, and waded through a lot of the other Sega stuff I have, including bootlegs of USA/ Europe exclusives made for the Taiwanense market, some Asian-version games, the stuff



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