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It's Bert!



So I was looking through my old files on my computer and I saw Bert. I've decided to add another game to Bert's Pigeons. So now it's called Bert's Games.


I watched Sesame Street as a kid. But I was too young to have the Sesame Street games for the Atari 2600. Later on in life, I got them all now and a Kid's Controller. And I became smart enough (barely) to attempt to make a Sesame Street game for the Atari 2600. I learned how to program for the Kid's Controller by making a simple Count's Castle (the unreleased but planned Sesame Street game) experiment where it shows a number of bats and you have to press the corresponding number of bats on the screen. But I doubt many people like Bert more than the Count, so I began making it a few years ago.

When I started, it was just Bert's face. But then I learned how to write text on the screen with the playfield, so I added the title of the game to it. So there's two games, one involving pigeons (completed), and the other involving paper clips (which I just started work on). I will post more about this game as I program it. You'd think the original Sesame Street games would put the character on the title screen, but no.


Plus, the B looks really odd, so I made my own B and I think mine looks better. I know I will probably never get this released due to the copyright of the muppets, but oh well. It's fun making it, so I'll continue.

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