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Here it is. Thanksgiving. Apparently it's just me and mom. I'm going to visit my sister this weekend. And apparently it will be just me and mom on Christmas as well. My sister's boyfriend works at a hospital so he'll be sleeping all Christmas morning so we'd have to do Christmas in the afternoon at my niece's apartment and I just don't want to do that because I'm used to doing it in the morning at my sister's house. Oh well.

Anyway, enough personal stuff you don't care about. I woke up about 10pm last night. Right now it's about 7 a.m. I have been working on fighting with the computer again, this time on Pokemon Mini programming. It was doing all sorts of stupid zany garbage that I didn't want it to do. But I hope I fixed it so it won't do it any more.


I want a version of Yum! for the Pokemon Mini, so that's what I'm hard at work on now. I want it to be a non-sucky game.

So in summary, I don't know what I'm doing, and I don't feel very good.


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