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I have this game for N-Gage and Saturn. I felt like playing my Sega Saturn. After I played Bug! which is too hard and I can't beat even the first level of, I tried Pandemonium. I thought I'd do better since there was a password system. Again, I couldn't beat the first level. I almost got to the end though, which I learned.

I went to GameFaqs to see what info I could find. I found some cheats. Infinite energy sounded good. So I tried it. And it worked. I got past the first level. Just for reference, that password is HARDBODY. So then what I needed to do is order a new disc battery since I am getting quite tired of going past the system settings screen every time I turn the power on even though I have a save cartridge.

I went to eBay to see what I could find and, after narrowing my search, I bought a few of them. Now I just need to wait for them to come. I like to buy stuff close to me. It's very hard to do though since I'm out west and everyone is over on the east coast.

I need another platform game I want to play. Actually I'd like a kart racing game for the Saturn, but I don't think there is one? I have a couple of racing games but they're serious ones. I think the closest I can come to is Wipeout. But I have it for PSX. What I don't understand is why every single Saturn game is expensive. Even sports titles are >$10.

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