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My history teacher in living color



So I worked on that Game Boy game I was working on earlier but quit working on to focus on my Virtual Boy game. I decided to play around a little bit to see if I could use more than just four colors. After a visit to the documentation, I was able to get this:


In case you're wondering, I figured the best bet would be to have the guy wear a Sesame-Street-Ernie type shirt. Why? Because of the shoe color for the black and white original Game Boy. It only supports four colors instead of the five I use for the Game Boy Color. This is the same sprite in an original Game Boy:


I wanted his shoes to be dark gray on the Game Boy. I got five colors because I'm using different palettes for the top 8x8 and the bottom 8x8. Only because I can because they're different sprites. The guy is made up of two different sprites. Each palette can only have 4 colors, one of which is transparent, so it's really only three. I made it so the lemon on the title screen be yellow because backgrounds use a different palette.

So in conclusion, the history teacher is wearing that shirt because he has to.

Just noticed that when I italicized the a, the little thing sticking out the top of the letter a shape disappeared. How odd.


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