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Fruit Fly Fun on Virtual Boy (part 2)



So yesterday I worked on the graphics for Fruit Fly Fun some more, refining them and making them look better. I ended up with this:


And today, I worked on random number generating, trying to make it better. The game now uses SRAM to generate random numbers and to keep track of them so it doesn't do the same sequence of them every time you turn the VB on. I failed to do this on Supper Mario because I didn't know what was being done (I made it 6 years ago, so I forgot), but it should be random enough. The rest of the games use better random number generating. Since I'm tired of coding a lot, I'll put off moving the fly and bee (which should be easier now) until tomorrow. The game works on a HyperFlash32, so if you have one, you can download what I have with my game progress (link).


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