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Metal Gear Solid PS1 (pt.4)



Alone? Are you an otaku, too? 

But seriously, what does me being on a solo mission have to do with being an otaku? Is poor ol Otacon just like "oh, another loner like me! Maybe he's into anime!"? Yikes, buddy. 

After the fight with the Cyborg Ninja, Otacon is nice enough to inform me that Meryl was last seen on the floor above, sporting a nice butt and a pension for using the lady's room. All the clues I need to find myself staring at genome soldier butts, had I not already remembered exactly which one she was. 


You've got a nice butt. 

I've mostly been using actual in-game quotes for the section headers and yup, that one's in there. Really just a solid piece of dialog, definitely a keeper. 

Running into Meryl in the bathroom I was met with the sad sight of her in proper pants and everything, no undies for me today. I don't recall exactly how to get her pantsless (a top priority, obviously), but I believe it might simply be "she'll have no pants on the second playthroughs". We'll see in due time! 


Set your controller on the floor. 

No joke Psycho Mantis is one of my favorite boss fights of all time. Playing it again today it's pretty easy and straightforward, but that's just cuz I know I have to switch the controller to port 2. Back in the day, not knowing that, you'd get the full experience of calling up the whole cast of characters in a panic yelling "why can't I hit him!?" and it was great. 

Not to mention the fun little psychic show he does before the fight. I had nothing else on this memory card so he didn't say any of his fun quips, but knowing how it all works just makes me appreciate the feature all the more. 

Not the hardest fight, but certainly innovative for the time. 


Feedback loop. 

Are you enjoying these write-ups? Do you have a favorite video game boss? Leave a comment to let me know! 

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