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The tubes arrived



So a major milestone has been hit in me and this project: the mailing tubes came. They are 2" wide and 13" tall, just perfect for all the stuff to fit in there. So now what's left to do is this:

  • Pack up the games,
  • get peoples' addresses and money
  • post instruction manual on line
  • mail them out.

Don't know when I'll go to the post office, I'll try for next week sometime.

The doctors' office called. Remember that ultrasound I had last month sometime? They FINALLY called and said I had fatty liver. I don't know what I'm supposed to do about that. I guess eat better (read: food that tastes disgusting) I was hoping for more people to buy the game, but oh well. I guess I should be glad that I sold some and actually have a use for 20 mailing tubes.

I just wish I didn't have to give feed back for every single thing I buy on eBay. Required feedback is stupid. That's all for today.

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Health problems suck, I can relate. I guess the only thing regarding eating better is figure some game plan that will allow you to transition and stick with it, while simultaneously not feeling like a chore.

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