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Video games for the Game Gear.



I worked on my Game Gear game a little bit more. I made the following changes.

  • moved the text in the title screen outside the cookie.


  • made it so it's okay if you don't eat the burger. But eating it gives you an extra life, so it's good if you do. The burger will only appear if you have less than 2 lives remaining.
  • made it so the burger appears less frequently. The way it was set up before it was really showing up a lot, even though it only appeared if a certain variable returned a value of >252. I changed it so it only comes if the value was 255.
  • made it so the mouth doesn't flash when the game comes back.
  • made a pause between life losing and starting up again. (I might have mentioned this here before.)
  • made it so you can open and close the mouth during the life losing pause.

You can play what I have at the game's official site. I checked out version 25 on my real Game Gear and it worked okay. But I doubt that many people care since there were only 5 people who viewed my last blog entry. I bet it'd be 0 if I had made this a Master System game!

I have room for a couple more backgrounds so I may put some in. I don't know whether I should. And if I do, where should the action take place?


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