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About this blog

A place for me to post my thoughts about games. I expect it will frequently be a place where I vent my frustrations with things I find annoying or obnoxious, very pleasant reading material to be sure.

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Sonic 06 100% Part ??: Lost in the Shadows

It's dark. Time seems to have stopped flowing. I do not know how many days I have been here. It's too dark to see. There is only one thing visible, a word which strikes fear into all men:   ">>> LOADING >>>"       I am here for some reason, trying to finish a 100% clear of Sonic 06. Why? We just don't know why. I guess you could say I enjoy it, in the sense that one enjoys a "so bad it's good movie". I won't lie though; I'm knee-deep into Shadow's


koifish in Sonic06

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