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Sonic 06 100% Part ??: Lost in the Shadows



It's dark. Time seems to have stopped flowing. I do not know how many days I have been here. It's too dark to see. There is only one thing visible, a word which strikes fear into all men:


">>> LOADING >>>"




I am here for some reason, trying to finish a 100% clear of Sonic 06. Why? We just don't know why. I guess you could say I enjoy it, in the sense that one enjoys a "so bad it's good movie". I won't lie though; I'm knee-deep into Shadow's story, and I don't know if I can make it, much less have the resolve necessary for Silver.


Shadow's gameplay is a lot like Sonic's, just with a ton of unnecessary extra garbage taped onto it. Super spammy melee attack chains where you mash Jump to take out enemies that really shouldn't be so cumbersome to eliminate? Check. Stupid gimmicky vehicles that work about as well as everything else in the game? Check. Enemies that take more damage and are way more annoying purely to justify the terrible combat changes? Check! Everything you need to be a worse version of the game you already played once before.

Having finished Sonic's story already, I'm basically just running the exact same missions, just worse. As such, finding the motivation to continue has at times been difficult. Shadow is, as stated previously, a less enjoyable version of the previous story, and so it's pretty hard to want to complete it 100%. Regardless, I must, for it is my quest of strange significance.


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