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About this blog


This blog was sponsored by my desire to satisfy a Bingo line in the VGS 2022 Bingo Challenge; viewer discretion advised, all opinions might be my own, offers invalid in California.

This is where I write in brief about obscure games I've played across a variety of systems.

If you enjoy, thanks for checking it out. 


Entries in this blog

Billy Blazes: Rescue Heroes (GBA, 2003) | Review

Billy Blazes, a standout title of the Rescue Heroes series, is a solid romp of platforming fun. Your job is straightforward: to put out fires and save people.  Your missions are likewise straightforward, but varied across unique locations and scenarios. As you progress the stages, you'll unlock new tools/gadgets to use, adding extra depth to the gameplay. The controls are responsive and feel satisfying.   The game as a whole can be beaten in an hour or two. While the difficulty wasn't dire,


nesmaster14 in Review

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