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Billy Blazes: Rescue Heroes (GBA, 2003) | Review



Rescue Heroes Billy Blazes Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Billy Blazes, a standout title of the Rescue Heroes series, is a solid romp of platforming fun. Your job is straightforward: to put out fires and save people.  Your missions are likewise straightforward, but varied across unique locations and scenarios. As you progress the stages, you'll unlock new tools/gadgets to use, adding extra depth to the gameplay. The controls are responsive and feel satisfying.  

The game as a whole can be beaten in an hour or two. While the difficulty wasn't dire, it held my interest the entire time through its pleasing graphics, solid controls, and varied gameplay mechanics. If you're ever feeling down, pop in Billy Blazes and you'll be treated with a rewarding hour or so of straightforward fire-blazing people-saving gameplay. 

Beneath its Fisher Price branding is Wayforward Technologies, a company that knows how to deliver a solid, engaging game.

4/5 Blazing Stars

Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes Download | GameFabrique  Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes Download | GameFabrique Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes Download | GameFabrique

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