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  1. That's good info to have. I assume you're also causing every perishable enemy to perish as well. Even when we calculate perfect score for planning purposes, it's really impossibly perfect scores as we calculate based on a completion time of zero seconds just to be safe.
  2. We kept perfect score calculated for cg2 because we wanted it to be possible to nearly max out the score counter without breaking it. Since Lost is much shorter, there's no risk of that. So, we haven't. I suspect a 1-player run's max wouldn't be a whole lot higher than what Red's pulling in. (Almost surely under 300,000 I'm guessing.) I'd need to count the killable enemies and bonus room gold. Lost is a little more complicated. With cg2, the bonus rooms were designed so that a skilled player could collect all the gold alone (I think). In Lost, it's impossible because of the room and enemy
  3. Red's score's a total beast. I got closer to bertsampson's when I played through with savestates. But I know some stages I took a long time to exit, and I didn't get too creative in grabbing gold in the bonus rooms. Love that y'all are enjoying/tolerating it enough to get that tight with it.
  4. There it is. The owner of the 2nd Adv. original cover art for a reason. Did you need to play with the 2nd player active to reach it?
  5. Interesting. Is there any way at all, you might have some conflicting key bindings in nestopia settings? Player 2 start and A should be the only buttons to spawn player 2, IIRC.
  6. Yeah, I flipped his tiles incorrectly and didn't notice until I finally did an Ace playthrough right before the competition. I had to use savestates for that playthrough, so most of y'all are doing better than me so far.
  7. Now that someone's beat it on Ace, I can apologize for the graphical glitch in the Ace ending, @bertsampson We plan on getting that fixed in an update.
  8. Not at all! Please enjoy the games. We need more folks "new to the homebrew thing" every day. That's how we all got hooked in the first place.
  9. mteegfx.com That should lead to my itch page. You can play the predecessor to this game, The Cowlitz Gamers' 2nd Adventure. It has a manual included that's applicable to Lost as well (it explains the hidden switches for instance). Gruniożerca 2 and 3 were both from the same development team as these games (myself and Łukasz Kur). They're different genres though, a puzzle platformer and a puzzle game.
  10. There's an invisible switch, about 8x8 pixels in size in every stage, that's triggered by contact. There's a "secret revealed" sound effect that plays when you hit it. Depending on the stage, the switch will either: * spawn a diamond * grant access to a diamond -or- * grant safe passage back from getting the diamond Collect 8 diamonds to get access to a hidden chamber (bonus stage) that opens up quite a lot of extra points. Happy hunting!
  11. There are already 108 label variants... (54 NES, 54 FC).
  12. NES 8x16 Sprites Overview Following is a brief summary to using the 8x16 sprite mode offered by the NES. I wrote the bulk of this sometime back in February of 2015 for @KHAN Games to pitch this mode for Isolation. To make this write-up useful for beginners, I have explained some things further for this post. For most people reading here, you can skim over these parts. I can thank @Optomon for my understanding of the subject. Preamble: So, the NES displays background graphics with 8x8 pixel tiles. It can display foreground graphics using either 8x8 or 8x16
  13. The Xbox Live Arcade Bionic Commandos were really gold.
  14. Yeah, not necessarily more sci-fi (although that was the result). The goal was to convert it into a game that would have been an accurate representation of the cover art. (I suspect that the development of Bomber King, which would later be released as RoboWarrior, had the exact same inspiration.) I put an early, graphics-only patch up at RHDN, but shortly after, Optomon gave the game a new, original soundtrack, and put in some time-of-day palette transitions. It has literally just been sitting on my hard drive, unreleased, waiting for me to have the time to do a final playthrough and touc
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