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  1. Are you saying Made in Japan=USA release and Made in Mexico=Mexico release? This is definitely not true, please provide some info on what you are saying. Would this mean all Madden 97s were only available in Puerto Rico for sale? USA releases are made all across the globe.
  2. Mexico is North America. If you open the flap and look at the code on this game it will have a -USA code. The USA (mostly denoting all of North America for Nintendo releases, except for some Canada specific releases) on our label is the region the game was primarily marketed to, and can also include other compatible countries the game was sold in. The country of origin is a separate thing that just specifies where the parts were made or assembled.
  3. Both are important, but one is a box variant and one is a seal variant. Since we don't just grade sealed, we have to take into account that these can also exist as open, so it would make the same item have multiple variants if the seal type was listed in the box variant field of a sealed game, and would change if the same game was opened. For this reason, stickers placed on a box before sealing are listed in the box variant field and stickers placed over the seal (or something like xbox "disc made in mexico" that is printed on the seal) are listed as part of the seal rating. They are kept separate so they are fluid on either state (sealed or CIB).
  4. Wata does not list first, second, etc prints on any games and only describes the variant as it is. Including print info would be guesswork at best and only become outdated as new variants are discovered. This game was released the year Sony stopped including security stickers on its cases, hence the reason why more than one seal type exists. The seal type is described on the back of the label, separate from the box variant.
  5. That's what the auction company makes off the listing. So the MM bidder bid $62,500 but will pay $75 out the door for it.
  6. I see, this is clearly a labeling error, the game was subbed as sealed but was a CIB and the state wasn't changed on the graders screen although all the grades and variant info was recorded, so the label came out incorrectly. I contacted Heritage to fix the error, so I appreciate the heads up here. The Cart and Manual are 9.6 for those interested.
  7. It's not an error, it is a new and unopened box with the seal removed. The better term would be New not Sealed, but the industry has already settled on terms even if they aren't perfect. The PAL SE on this auction is the same way, as that is how it was shipped and how most of the rest of the world shipped games to stores outside the US. It would be a foolish disservice to open new games and grade them CIB when they are not. Games that have the factory seal removed or replaced by a retail store from snags and shelf damage are not uncommon and do exist so we label them as such. I'm enjoying watching these auctions though, there are a lot of common items selling for record prices and a lot of rarities flying under the radar. Happy bidding fellas.
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