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  1. It did look different from others systems I'd seen. I got it from a guy who used to work in a game shop. I believe it once was in a kiosk. I'm in the UK btw. No kiosk included for me, just the console, wires and gamepad. It's very cool having a long cable to play from, especially as it has a metal collar 'stopper' which could be mounted but I'm temped to sell it, as I bought a Wii U Premium for cheap. I was wondering whether you could add the wireless pad receiver (teardown videos appear to show they are removed in the Kiosk version) as in order to switch the pad on, you need to press
  2. This is a shot from the back; which I guess is the most interesting bit of it all! If you want any other pictures, let me know. I made a gaming cupboard, so it's in a less than easy place to get to but I'm very happy to make a proper effort if it helps your research/settles your intrigue.
  3. Hi all, I only joined to give some info on the Wii U kiosk console I have. It doesnt have any demos on it, someone must have removed the USB drive they were on but it does play, look, act like the retail version and has a standard sized HDD. It has two pad attachments, I only have one wired pad and of course, won't connect to another gamepad. I've not seen anything like it while trawling around for info about the Wii U Kiosk.
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