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  1. I actually emailed Wata the other day to ask about population reports, and was given this not so helpful response: Population reports are not available yet but will be when Wata has them ready. If you would like updates on when they become available, I would utilize the newsletter: https://www.watagames.com/learn/newsletter I then asked if they didn't have the reports available online yet, can they provide me the information on specific games, and was given this not so helpful response: As a start-up, Wata is still trying to accrue a certain number of each game in our database before pres
  2. Thanks! Best of luck with your Kid Icarus submission. Please post it when you get it back.
  3. I actually thought Wata was going to remove it since I thought I read somewhere that if it was opened they would remove any cellophane, so I was a bit surprised to see it on there when I got it back. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Just got my first ever graded game back from Wata. I was worried about the Manual because it was nicked up a little, but was super happy with the overall grade. I would love to find a 9.4 Manual.
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