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does any one have experience with consolizing a virtual boy?

Nes Freak

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some one wanted me to put their console in a consolizer case off of castlegames.  its completed.  however i cant figure out where to connect the + fast switch wire  on the mini din port for the scart/RGB part  cause the markings are not the same.  the only tutorial online  only inconveniently covered the VGA side.  and no online manual that i could find either.

anyways if some one knows that would be great.


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Do you have a multimeter?  You can plug in  your scart cable and test for which pad is connected to pin 16 using the beeper/diode tester.




If you're using a Genesis 2/MegaDrive 2 cable then it looks like it would be connected to  five volts with a resistor to bring it down to 3v.  (SR) and (SL) look like speaker left and speaker right to me.  You could test for those too.


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