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Hi guys, 

This is totally out of curiosity but would anyone be interested in buying most of my collection? I'm really interested in buying a new pinball machine and the only way I could would be to sell most of my collection. I don't have anything crazy valuable but according to game value now it's worth about 9500 USD. I would probably want 8000ish. I live in Canada and it would probably be easier to sell to a Canadian. Here's a link to my collection if anyone is interested. https://collection.gamevaluenow.com/share/collection?id=972

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I would be interested but even if we assume GVN is correct at $9500, $8000 is going to be, imo, way too high for any reseller and that's really the primary buyer for something like this. Remember that GVN prices also do not take into account selling fees of around 10-15%. A buyer would be spending $8000 to, at best, come away with maybe $8500. Obviously not worth it. I think you'd need to sell for significantly less to find a buyer, or do the legwork of selling these items individually yourself to net the return you want.

Just one man's opinion, as priceless/worthless as all the others. 🙂

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