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NiGHTS into Dreams - Jojo reference?


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First off, big fan of the game. So when news came out that the PC/remake port was datamined, I knew I was in for a big treat. 

Namely what stood out to me the most was Jackle's tarot cards. One was only shown in the game, many others where shown in the hint screen, but now they're available for all to see:


A Youtuber by the name of Digi Valentine posted these discoveries a while back and asked for conformation on some of the cards


While researching I may have found what art was referenced for these cards.

They were referenced from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Yes, a freakin' Jojo reference.

Not kidding, this blew my mind. It's so interesting that they went with this style. 

Breaking down each card, I'll explain my findings and how the styles match to one another in the picture below. 

Note: You can already see how they used the same arcs in the framing. No other Tarot card I've seen uses this style frame to my knowledge, which is a good giveway.


#1: The Chariot card

You can really see the similarities between the Nights card and the Jojo one. Both have similar colors, similar chariots, etc. It's fun to note that most Tarot cards aren't in this style, and as you'll see on the others, some things have been slightly altered to remain a legally safe reference. 

#2: The High Priestess.

This one is a tad bit difficult to spot. What gives it away is the crown, the building in the background, and the purple pillow/seat to represent the chair. 

#3: The Sun.

This one's a bit easier, still much has changed. The squinted eyes and teeth are a giveaway, as well as the pedals.

#4: The Tower.

Now this one may be the only one that ISN'T referenced off the exact Jojo card, however, this style with a person falling from the tower is in actual Tarot cards. I guess the artist wanted to change it up a bit?

Like most cards, I think the character represented here is Jackle. He's in the High Priestess and Magician cards, so I have no doubt that's him in this card. 

Things to note are the spade/shovel/scepter(Scepter from the Magician card?) in the ground and what looks like the Priestess crown he had in the other card. Almost as if this card was meant to tell a story.

#5: The Fool/The Hermit/Wheel of Fortune.

It's the only Nights card I can't really match to the Jojo cards. Seems to be a mix and/or was referenced elsewhere. The character on the card looks like the Hermit, but looks to be walking to their doom much like the Fool card, but all the swirlies in the background looks to be similar to Wheel of Fortune. 

I... can't explain this one. Anybody with ideas, please share.

#6: The Magician.

This one stumped me for a while. However, a key element to the background showed what card this was.

See the curtains on the Nights card? The only card with curtains like these are the Magician. But why is Jackle mirror-flipped upside down on the Nights card?

My theory is that seeing the knife on the table might have seemed too violent? It's a theory, but makes a bit of sense seeing that there's a guillotine in Jackle's boss area. Dude seems like a nutjob.

It's very hard to see, but it also looks as if Jackle is holding a scepter (ball facing down), much like the Magician is in the Jojo card.

#7: Lastly the backs of the cards. While they don't look exactly the same, they do share the same design symmetry.

That's it for now. In closing, I got to say that the more we dig into this game, the more and more info is release on how it's created. Heck, it was a while until we found that one of the songs from this game obtains voice samples from movie Home Alone. (I'm not kidding)

Any fans of this game, please share this info to any of the major Nights fan groups. (Mainly because I have major troubles trying to register to any of them... can't get into any of them. lol)

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