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Looknig for advice about my old Switch, read...


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I'll start this off because I'm sure someone will comment or think I'm fishing, I'm not.  I just want some advice as I've thought a day about this and am at a loss.  I pointed out I got the OLED White Switch there in the what's new/switch threads.  I didn't think it appropriate for either.

The reason I even bothered is that I have an original one, an original with all the structural warts it is known for with the poorly made shell.  They warm up in the dock, plastic brittles and starts to crack and warp, and well it's floppy now and I don't trust it so here we are.  Basically there are corner cracks, not the actual corners really but the very thin screw posts so part of the back can pull away, and there is a small crack formed below the usb-c port for instance.  The fins for the vent that were wide and narrow, all gone, an oval to the heat fins below.  That's really the worst of it, it's just not sealed, pretty, and entirely 100% flush anymore -- but it works as it should.

The joycons broke, well one did, under a year ago, broke inside, ribbon cable jack issue so it was done.  About 10mo~ ago I got a new red/blue set, which doesn't match the box as mine was a gray unit from launch time.


I don't need the original Switch.  If someone were a modder and enjoyed working with really tiny screws they could re-shell the entire thing, hardware itself works fine, screen etc are still perfect function wise and I don't need it.  I'd care to sell/trade something(s) for it, prefer trade really.

What would you do in this place to get rid of it?
- Keep the useful parts and joycons and just sell the tablet base?**
- Sell the entire thing as is?
- Dump the box, sell the contents?
- Other?

** My box doesn't match joycons, replaced them earlier this year with red/blue as the gray ones (not drift) failed.

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