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Fake? Or just substantial difference in printing quality? (NES Rad Racer)


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Hi all,

just found you guys when I realized NintendoAge was gone (and for a while...), but this seems like the right place 🙂

I noticed the extreme difference in printing quality on these two Rad Racers I own.
Shine, cut, glue etc. seems legit, red/orange/gold colors do not though. Any advise if both are legit cartridges/labels or an explanation why this is?





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I think it's probably legit, although is does look exceptionally clean and new. The cut and quality of the sticker as well as the detail of the printing looks pretty good.

If you look over thousands of games, you'll notice there is some variance in the colors on boxes, labels, and manuals. Additionally, these are clearly two different production runs based on the different chips used for RAM (?) and the dates on the ROM. Combine that with some sun exposure and that could account for the variation.

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