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Brazilian Atari 2600 TRON cartridges


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10 hours ago, Code Monkey said:

I would love to have one of each of those.

There's a brazillian ebay-like site called Mercado Livre. I could be an intermediate in buying them and sending to you, if the seller can't ship intl (they most probably can't or won't). Here's a search result for this kind of cartridges, so you can look around:

https://lista.mercadolivre.com.br/atari-cartucho-tron-t#D[A:atari cartucho tron T]

Cartridge = "cartucho" or "fita"

If you use the next quote answer's linked URLs you can get some keywords to search for more. PM me if you need any help.

9 hours ago, fcgamer said:

Those look sweet. How many different titles were available?

Here's a 30-page long post made by an AtariAge user named "Sr. Ferraz" and it's awesome. It goes from cartridges to ads and everything. From it you can see how prolific Brazil was in making third party stuff for the 2600

And a more organized database:


1 hour ago, nrslam said:

Love the T handles. Brazil had an interesting 2600 scene and I got a bunch of Brazilian 2600 and Odyssey2 stuff in trade way back, but none of the Tron titles.

We had SO MUCH clones and unofficial publishers that i think MAYBE we were a big part in the 80s vg crash lol.

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5 minutes ago, fcgamer said:

@obnoxious Are you from Brazil or have ties there? I am looking for a contact from that region, who can help me obtain some games for my collection. Now is not the right time, but maybe in a few months. I am glad to make your acquaintance, and will surely make it worth your time 🙂

Yes, I live in Brazil. Feel free to PM me.

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