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Stop Switch Pro Controller Synching With windows 10


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So I have always used the Pro Controller, the Joycons are put away. When batteries begin to get low I used to just plug the controller into the USB of my laptop sitting next to me, and i could keep playing while it slowly charged the controller. Now whatever Updates happened with Windows 10 When I plug the controller in A Blue Ring appears on the controller and the damn thing looses synch with the Switch. What feature is this in Windows 10? Where can I disable this crap so The Pro Controller Just charges? My Company Laptop Is Windows 10 and I have no issues charging off that one, but would like to get my personal one back to the state it was previously. Thanks!

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I can't say for Windows 10 and Switch Pro Controller charging, but I often plug my Switch Pro Controller in a cellphone charger and it works. Just make sure that the charger provide ONLY 5V (look at the output voltage), because I'm not sure how the controller may react with new fast cellphone charger (like Quick Charge technology, which can have different output voltage) I hope this help you.

Please let us know if you find a solution !

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Thanks for the Suggestion, I was really hoping someone would have an idea at what explicit feature of Windows 10 was triggering so I could look into a way of disabling it or uninstalling it all together, I think the next time I reformat the laptop I will just use an Older version and disable and gut the Feature Updates, I never get any use whatsoever from them anyways. 

As for using a USB B/Power Adapter the issue resides in the location of a Socket relative to where I sit, and the length of a cord needed for it.  I could of course buy a longer cord, but just seems like such a hassle when I used to just be perfectly content with my laptop sitting next to me and conveniently being able to just plug in when needed. I guess if I can't find a solution it might just be the perfect motivation to swap that laptop over to Linux, or Dual boot at the least.

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You could try opening device manager when it is connected and right clicking the pro controller and removing the drivers but it’s likely the next time you plug it in it will simply get them from windows update again. I would either start charging from the wall or the USB on the switch dock

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