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On 9/1/2021 at 11:11 PM, phart010 said:

Since we have so many people that are experts with at reviewing the quality of hardware, would someone recommend a good quality air purifier? Looking in the $200-250 range 

Any specific reason for the air purifier?  We got the expensive ass Molekule ones for the whole house.  I will say they do work as they freak out when we cook and there is any hint of smoke in the air and also when I light a candle they really don't like it.  We thought they could cut back on the dust a lot but I'm not sure if it's as much as we had expected.  Also they filters have like a RFID tag in them because after so long they will just stop working if you don't get a replacement filter no matter how clean the filter is.  I'd vacuum the stuff caught in the filter so it would run better like you'd do for any filer that was "reusable".  I think it extend the life of the filters for sure because of how much visible dust was built up in the folds.  All 3 rooms that had the same small purifiers gave out at the same time when I KNOW they don't filter the same amount of air over the same time period.  One room had the purifier off for a while too.  Basically they fucking work but their whole making the purifier stop working just because so much time has past since the filer was replaced is bullshit.  

Basically I'd recommend you make sure the filters for your air purifier are not time limited or at least have a sensor to tell when the filters just can't sufficiently filter any more and not based solely on how long you've been using the filters.

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