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FO/FS: Lot's of LRG stuff for PS4, Switch, some VIta, Snes Mini, Golf Story LRG/Collectors, OSSC, CIB intellivision games, lots of MISC stuff


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Hey all, I apologize for this somewhat lazy post, I am trying to free up some space so I can better lay out and organize selling stuff, and I'll eventually work on pricing this stuff out if I feel there is any demand. I just wanted to cast my lure here before trying eBay and Mercari but I have a lot of other stuff to list eventually, it's just all mixed up and haphazard so I figured I'd start a bit simple. Right now I haven't priced this stuff out but obviously I'm looking for something relatively close to what you'd get anywhere else, with a discount to account for less fees here of course, I use Paypal as my primary payment method as well. I do have a lot of stuff to still find but I haven't had much luck buying it so I figure my luck for trading would be even worse, so for now I figured i'll just field offers. All of the LRG stuff is sealed, most of this stuff is new aside some of the obvious stuff but if you need more specifics I'm happy to oblige. If I feel this stuff has demand I have probably 10x more stuff to eventually offload so consider this just dipping my toes.

Edit: I did some initial price vetting on PS4/LRG stuff so here is a link to that.















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3 minutes ago, Zilch said:

Having trouble seeing the photos on my iPhone not sure if anybody else is having the same issue. Good luck with sale though, hope you clear out a lot of stuff.

Sketchy links with issues, must be a better way.  A text list with prices is something I'd strongly encourage.

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  • The title was changed to FO/FS: Lot's of LRG stuff for PS4, Switch, some VIta, Snes Mini, Golf Story LRG/Collectors, OSSC, CIB intellivision games, lots of MISC stuff

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