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GameCube sealed games question

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I posted this on collecting questions, maybe its better off here? Remove whatever one if this is an issue, sorry. Anyways, 

I am looking at a sealed version locally of first print Animal Crossing this week and I have been trying to do some research on what to look for before I drop some good money on it. I came across a few postings that say there was actually glue used in the sealing of these games along the top and bottom seals, which can be slightly noticeable when inspecting closely - Is this correct? 

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1 hour ago, DoctorEncore said:

I only have three sealed Gamecube games and I'm not too sure about the glue. I've attached a few pictures, so hopefully those help. Good luck!

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Thank you, I agree it’s very hard to tell. I’ve looked at tons of games for sale on eBay too. Does the overlapping seal on these games run towards the front or back? 

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