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[WTB/WTTF] Majora's Mask Grey NFR


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Majora's Mask Grey NFR

I've been sitting on my hands wondering whether I should try to get one of these for a while, and I figure at this point a question never asked is a question never answered.

I have no clue what price might be right now. I'm probably fucked and never gonna own one.

But if you have a Grey NFR Majora's Mask that you're looking to offload, maybe we can come to some manner of deal or something. I have some stuff I'd consider decent that I could stand to trade away if I had to, and I have some money set aside.

If you have one and DON'T plan to trade/sell it away, if you could even just PM me and give me an idea of the going rate for these, I'd appreciate that too. I'd like to know if it's out of my reach, as much of a shame as that'd be.

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