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Game Boy Korean games


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I recently added this game to my collection but can't find any info on Korean Game Boy games online, so I'll ask you guys!
(I'll post it in working list of GB KOR games, but don't want to pollute the thread with my questions 🙃)

First, a picture of my Tetris:

Now all of my questions:

  • GB Korean games are from south Korea right?
  • Do we know how many copies of this game there is? (I know it's rare, but I'd like to know if it's 1 out of 100 rare or 1 out of 100.000 rare)
  • I haven't found any on sale right know, do you have an idea of its value? (There are currently 4 GB KOR games on sale on eBay, all >750€, which is crazy expensive!)
  • Why there is so few Korean GB games? Do they started the production and suddenly stopped?

Thanks 🤘

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1. Yes - Nintendo was in partnership with Hyundai to release Nintendo games officially in South Korean market

2. My friend in Korea has mentioned that Mini Comboy items are very rare in Korea even for top dog collectors. I would assume we are talking of 3 digits for surviving carts max and 2 for CIB - however take my assessment with a grain of salt. I think Mini Comboy has the smallest library for Korean Nintendo stuff, like 10-ish games max as far as I remember. All in all I reckon that Mini Comboy games are some of the rarest licensed retail games there are.

3. In my eyes Mini Comboy carts should be worth 100$ or more, I doubt they'd go to a thousand but it's not really a market you can scout for going rates considering the rarity of the items in question.

4. Most Korean retro hardware and software had somewhat low sales considering pirate copies of games competed succesfully with officially licensed copies in the Korean retro market.

You can see a post about hardware sales numbers for a handful of years in here:


You can delve more into the subject here:


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