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Question and early PS1 jewel cased games.


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Are you talkinga bout the clear sticker which had a white center as fat as the depth of the PS1 jewel case?  Then yes, they did.  Along it in black basic period text had the name of the game, one end was a little holo strip to it as well with the usual little tab to scratch up so you could peel the thing off to get into the game.  And on the outside of that, yeah, shrinkwrap as you said it.


This right? http://www.obsessedgamers.eu/files/psx_castlevania_symphony_of_the_night_usa_GH_factory_03[1].jpg

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Yes, that's what I'm talking about. I just didn't know if there was a time when those games did not have the security sticker. I don't think the long boxes ever had them, do it would make sense that for possibly a time, some games might not have had them. I'm thinking about the early PS1 titles like MK3, Ridge Racer, Doom, etc. The ones that are worth a ton because they are hard to find jewel cased and not Greatest Hits.

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