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Spotting Fake N64 Cartridges

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Hello All!

First let me preface this by saying I'm more than proficient in spotting fake N64 cartridges (I can honestly tell they're fake just by holding them without looking at anything else), but I wanted to hear from the community if there aren't any tips or tricks that I'm absolutely missing? ANY advice you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated because it may be the simplest of things that I've never noticed that's a great way to spot a fake.


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A bit late to the party but some other signs include:

- American classification E rating logo with a PAL Nintendo Seal of Approval logo (The NTSC Nintendo SoA logo is oval-shaped) on the label.

- Poorly cut label which is disproportionately smaller than the cart

- Cart colour is a lighter shade of grey

- Overly lighter/darkened colours on label

- Overly bolded "off-looking" text, eg. many repros have the Nintendo logo slightly thicker and less cleaner than legit. carts.

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