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Guncon 1 on ps2 compatibility questions

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Hey guys, 

So I found Resident Evil dead aim for ps2 at my local thrift shop. Decided to see if my ps1 guncon would work for it. I did a bit of research and found out it should work so I tested it out and it worked. This got me excited so I did some more research on what games would work for the guncon 1. It appeared from my googling that the ps2 time crisis games should work. So I bought TC 3 and Time Crisis Crisis Zone. Got them today and fired them both up and neither work. Does anyone know if they are compatible with the guncon 1 or I'm I just doing something wrong? Ive googled and it appears there isn't a lot of information on this. Thanks for any input 

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I am with you!  Very interested if anyone's ever compiled this list. I also have a guncon1. Like two weeks ago they had tc3 and ninja assault for ps2 at the store and I was tempted to get em but didn't want to buy another gun. I decided they probably wouldn't work with the original guncon just to asuade me from buying em and didn't want to whip out google at the time... still wondered what games do work with it so thanks for posting this!!

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