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Looking for CIB copies of my homebrew games


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Hey all - long time no see!

For some reason I couldn’t recover my login info so I went back to the old school username.

Some of you may remember I produced a few homebrew titles years ago. Somehow my CIB copies of Beerslinger have gone missing. I never cared much to recover them until now.

If anyone has a LE CIB and/or a regular CIB of Beerslinger, I would be glad to pay a premium to get them back.



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Thanks man, I sold him all of the IP and such years ago. I was looking for my original releases.

51 minutes ago, Deadeye said:

Second Dimension sells new copies of Beerslinger.  Unless you are looking for a different release, you can try there.



Any other homebrew you are looking for?


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