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Distorted playback of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim at an exact spot up-top Throat of the World on special edition Xbox One!


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I have found a place in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim that distorts game playback. Follow link to see if you want on my YouTube. I am not pulling any tricks it can be done on the special edition for Xbox One. Its an exact spot maybe can be done on other systems or PC. I have this video on GameFAQs/GameSpot was accepted by the website. I like this video so much!


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3 hours ago, darkchylde28 said:

Can you provide any details about where that exact spot is?  I watched the video, but it doesn't look familiar to me, so I'd be hard pressed to try it out on PC to see if it's semi-universal.

If you climb the mountain of the Greybreards location you reach location Throat of the World the highest peak in Skyrim. I climbed without the initial mission that gets you there it can be tough for some to get up. If you go near the dragon wall power location of this high up place but not the highest point that is where I was the wall was inactive for me at the moment. You can see in the video the precise spot between the wall and rock formations that are visible in video when rotating character view begins. I tried to go around that spot and it does not happen unless exact, its where lots of wind is blowing for a tip!

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