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Backyard Baseball Series-Best Entry for Console?


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Hi all,

Title pretty much asks it.  I am interested in getting into a very light, easy, arcade-y baseball game, and I have heard great things about the Backyard Baseball series in general.  I don't care about playing real MLB teams or MLB players, and actually would probably prefer fictional teams and characters.  Which Backyard Baseball entry would you recommend to start with on console (whether it be PS2, GameCube, DS, etc.)?  I know the original few entries were PC-only, and I have a Mac, so I am not sure I could even play the first one.  Heck, I am not even sure there is a legitimate way to even buy the first entry nowadays, besides CD-ROMs on eBay.

Anyway, give me your thoughts and recommendations!  I hear the best player in any of these games is a kid named Pablo Sanchez and I should get him on my team!

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Backyard baseball was a great series. I used to play it at the Boys and Girls Club during summer camps after lunch.


There is a series called Super Mega Baseball and it is very fun. I have only played the firsy one, but it is cartoonish, silly yet still has stats for every player. Look up the trailer on Youtube. I think I picked it up free on XBOX.

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I have Super Mega Baseball II, but I want something even lighter than that...hence why I asked about the Backyard Baseball series!  🙂

If I am way off base here (pun not intended) and the Backyard Baseball series is NOT lighter than Super Mega, let me know.  I may just stick with Super Mega II.

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