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Gharetsaide's hunting thread

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Finally had my first good pickup at a local thrift shop so I finally have something exciting enough to start my thread 🙂

A month or so ago though I did snag a great deal on an N64 bundle for 670 shipped. Funtastic green console (with exp cover) and 3 controllers in great shape, as well as over 70 games.  Added a ton to my collection and selling/trading rhe dupes or low condition ones got me a huge boost in my collection at a low cost. PC value of what I kept plus gross sales came out well over double what I spent!


Yesterday's local thrift pickup got me 7 ps3 games and a Wii game for a bit less than $17 after tax. I loved Super Monkey Ball on GameCube, and the others I figured would be a good pickup based on how popular they were. Checking eBay it looks like Orange Box and R&C Collection more than make up for the less valuable ones 🙂






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I had a very large (and expensive 😬😬 ) pickup today to add to my collection but the one I am absolutely most excited about is that I finally got a NTSC Stadium Events! While it doesn't quite finish my licensed set, this and some other carts I picked up today knocked almost every heavy off the list so I'm in the home stretch!! I didn't think a complete complete licensed set was ever in my future but the opportunity came at just the right time! 

I'm super super super pumped and can't wait to share the finished full set soon(ish)






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33 minutes ago, GharetSaiDe said:

Given the WATA 7.5 that just sold I think I paid over retail (or that went for a steal) but it was a price I was happy with and I was already getting a bunch of stuff from the guy so he was willing to let it go finally

Thats a win in my book! Congrats. The CIB earthbound is legit too, you must have dropped big boy money. Did you get anything else?

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Going to post some pics tonight after dinner when I get a chance to get it all unpacked, but I also got a complete w/inserts Chrono Trigger, CIB Flintstones Dino Peak, CIB Samson, CIB Smash TV and loose minty Panic and Power Blade 2 and a few mid range loose carts

I was lucky to have an opportunity to splurge and I took advantage lol

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